Post Churn Email Template

The Post Churn Reengagement Email template is designed to reconnect with clients who have churned from your company's services. This template focuses on rebuilding the relationship and showing genuine care by simply asking how the client is doing. It refrains from any sales pitch or promotional content. Instead, it provides a concise and vague overview of how your company is progressing, aiming to spark curiosity and encourage the client to respond.

Contributed by:
Matt Grimaud

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Matt Grimaud is a new face in the CS world having come from an extensive hospitality background. For the greater part of 2 decades, he continuously expressed his passion for people managing various teams in high-profile establishments and servicing his clientele. Now, he has transitioned into the tech sector to put to use all his skills in this next chapter.

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Post Churn Email Template

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Churn aftermath meeting template

Contributed by: Natalie (Tomashov) Andronov

Natalie Andronov is a CS Operations professional with over a decade of experience in Customer Relations, Customer Success, and Operations. With a background as both a CS leader and individual contributor, Natalie is dedicated to building and optimizing processes and implementing data-driven strategies.

Natalie (Tomashov) Andronov
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Account Health Tracker Template

Contributed by: Anupriya Khemka

Anupriya is an experienced Customer Success Manager at Jio Haptik with over 7 years of experience in various industries, including ed-tech and policy impact evaluation. She is passionate about building data-driven customer success teams and cultivating strong client relationships.

Anupriya Khemka
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