Lost Champion Checklist

Losing a champion refers to the situation when the primary advocate within a customer organization is no longer available. This can occur due to staff turnover or other reasons and can result in a lack of continuity in communication and support, potentially leading to customer disengagement, dissatisfaction, and ultimately churn. Handling such situations professionally and effectively is crucial. To assist you in managing these scenarios, we provide a suggested checklist. This checklist offers a structured approach for addressing the challenges associated with losing a champion. By following this checklist, you can navigate the transition smoothly, maintain strong communication channels, and ensure continued customer satisfaction, minimizing the risk of churn.

Contributed by:
Or Guz


Or Guz has worked in the tech industry for 15 years in technology and business leadership roles. He gained experience creating and scaling Customer Success and various customer-facing organizations (pre and post-sales). As a seasoned VP of Customer Success, he is passionate about leading go-to-market strategies and serving as an advisor to companies and individuals.

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Lost Champion Checklist

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Contributed by: Shachar Avrahami

Shachar is the VP Product & Strategy at EverAfter. Shachar's elaborate background in product management & revenue operations spans from his work as Verbit's Director of Revenue Operations, to Head of Success Operations at Feedvisor.

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Contributed by: Mariah Urueta

Mariah boasts 4+ years of B2B SaaS expertise and 3+ years in Program Management from the non-profit sector. As Gong's 3rd Scale CSM, she expertly combined empathy and data to create a self-serve experience for the scale segment, achieving 2-3 times faster time-to-value for customers while managing 160+ accounts. Continuing her journey as Product Manager at LeanData, she excelled as an Associate Product Manager, leading the launch of multiple roadmap level features and integration enhancements.

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