Customer Onboarding Retrospective

The Onboarding Retrospective is a structured process, shared by CS and Sales, that gives teams time to reflect on the completed onboarding period. It allows highlighting what went well and looking for ways to improve going forward.

Contributed by:
Boaz Gordon

Processes & programs

Boaz Gordon is a tech industry veteran with 15+ years of experience. He leads Centrical's global Customer Experience team, which focuses on Customer Success Operations, Education, Solutions, enablement, and Support. Boaz also teaches at Ben Gurion University.

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Customer Onboarding Retrospective

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Churn aftermath meeting template

Contributed by: Natalie (Tomashov) Andronov

Natalie Andronov is a CS Operations professional with over a decade of experience in Customer Relations, Customer Success, and Operations. With a background as both a CS leader and individual contributor, Natalie is dedicated to building and optimizing processes and implementing data-driven strategies.

Natalie (Tomashov) Andronov
Internal meetings
Account Health Tracker Template

Contributed by: Anupriya Khemka

Anupriya is an experienced Customer Success Manager at Jio Haptik with over 7 years of experience in various industries, including ed-tech and policy impact evaluation. She is passionate about building data-driven customer success teams and cultivating strong client relationships.

Anupriya Khemka
Processes & programs