Customer Onboarding Retrospective

The Onboarding Retrospective is a structured process shared by Customer Success (CS) and Sales teams that provides an opportunity to reflect on the completed customer onboarding period. This collaborative exercise allows for highlighting successes and identifying areas for improvement as both teams work together to ensure a smooth onboarding path for customers. The Onboarding Retrospective enables teams to celebrate accomplishments and pinpoint valuable insights that can enhance the onboarding experience going forward. By leveraging this structured process, CS and Sales teams can align their efforts, share learnings, and optimize the onboarding journey for customers. The Onboarding Retrospective plays a crucial role in fostering collaboration, continuous improvement, and delivering a seamless and impactful customer onboarding experience.

Contributed by:
Boaz Gordon

Processes & programs

Boaz Gordon is a tech industry veteran with 15+ years of experience. He leads Centrical's global Customer Experience team, which focuses on Customer Success Operations, Education, Solutions, enablement, and Support. Boaz also teaches at Ben Gurion University.

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Customer Onboarding Retrospective

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