CSM Email Templates: EBR, Celebrating Metrics, and More!

Here are customer success email templates that you can utilize for various purposes, such as inviting customers for their next Executive Business Review (EBR), re-engaging lost clients, acknowledging specific clients' accomplishments, and more! Our comprehensive collection of customer success email templates provides a convenient resource for effectively communicating with your customers. Whether you need to send a customer success manager introduction email, a CSM email for ongoing communication, or specialized templates for specific scenarios, we have you covered. These email templates are designed to help you streamline your customer success efforts, enhance engagement, and foster strong relationships with your clients. Leverage our customer success email templates to communicate effectively and drive customer satisfaction.

Contributed by:
Stijn Smet

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Stijn Smet, known as Stino, has been in Customer Success for over five years. His approach to his customers, team, and life in general is a combination of professionalism and personality. Aside from providing top-notch knowledge about the Real Housewives, he strives to be everyone's best cheerleader in life and at work

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Here are customer success templates you can use to invite customers for their next EBR, re-engage lost clients, acknowledge specific clients' accomplishments, and more!

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Contributed by: Shachar Avrahami

Shachar is the VP Product & Strategy at EverAfter. Shachar's elaborate background in product management & revenue operations spans from his work as Verbit's Director of Revenue Operations, to Head of Success Operations at Feedvisor.

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Contributed by: Mariah Urueta

Mariah boasts 4+ years of B2B SaaS expertise and 3+ years in Program Management from the non-profit sector. As Gong's 3rd Scale CSM, she expertly combined empathy and data to create a self-serve experience for the scale segment, achieving 2-3 times faster time-to-value for customers while managing 160+ accounts. Continuing her journey as Product Manager at LeanData, she excelled as an Associate Product Manager, leading the launch of multiple roadmap level features and integration enhancements.

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