Cross-Teams Alignment Process: From Prospect to Customer

Utilize this template to gain insights into the actions that should be taken by each department in the customer interaction process, both directly and indirectly. From the initial sales process to nurturing a happy and renewed account, it is crucial to ensure cross-functional alignment. This template provides a structured framework for understanding and mapping out the customer interaction process across departments. By utilizing this template, you can identify the specific responsibilities and contributions of each department, ensuring a seamless and cohesive customer experience. Cross-functional alignment plays a vital role in delivering exceptional customer interactions, fostering customer satisfaction, and driving long-term customer success. Leverage this template to enhance collaboration, streamline processes, and achieve consistent excellence throughout the customer journey.

Contributed by:
Delia Visan

Processes & programs

Delia Visan has 14 years of experience in customer-facing roles. certified Customer Success Manager, career counselor and Trainer. Worked in industries such as: Healthcare, IT, On-demand, PropTech; for companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, Wipro, Glovo and Bright Spaces

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Utilize this template to learn what are the actions that should be taken by each department in the customer interaction process - direct or indirect, from the sales process all the way to a happy renewed account.

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