Product Marketing Lead

EverAfter, a B2B SaaS startup with a product-led model (VC funded), is seeking a seasoned product marketing professional to establish and own the product marketing department. 

What is this position all about?

In short - we're looking for someone who will help us increase conversions throughout our product & marketing funnels for our growing, super unique product. It is an incredible opportunity to build a product-led business strategy from the ground up.


How will you make that happen?

Our team is seeking a candidate who is able to build and manage product marketing initiatives while also being able to execute campaigns independently from A to Z. You are talented at managing projects, writing content, collaborating across a team, and thinking creatively. 


We are looking for someone with a proven track record in B2B marketing. You should be familiar with our business and growth strategy and have experience with creative development, digital content management, email automation, and demand generation.  To be successful in this role, you should be highly professional, self-motivated and hands-on. 



As our Product Marketing Director you will: 

  • Develop and implement a cohesive product marketing plan to generate trials and convert trials to active paying users, in a product-lead-growth approach.
  • Create messaging and strong product marketing content from scratch, including core product materials, thought leadership concepts, videos, and presentations, to crystallize our value proposition and amplify it to the customer success industry. 
  • Create compelling bottom of the funnel content for conversion.



  • Extensive (+3 years) Product Marketing experience, ideally in growing startups.
  • Proven track record of taking a product to market, building adoption, and driving market momentum.
  • Bonus: Understanding of product-led growth, growth hacking, and product evangelism.
  • You should have a willingness to take an analytical approach and be scrappy - we are looking for someone who will work fast, run experiments, and iterate based on the results.

To apply for the position, email us your CV to: